News: Jason Derulo Fan Dedication Site Launched

Jason Derulo’s first U.S. tour has just completed, and Jason’s now in Australia, but American fans of Jason Derulo have something to keep cheering about: future/history is being made with a new site dedicated to celebrating not just Jason Derulo, but Jason Derulo’s FANS!

Check it out here: Jason Derulo – Official Source for Fans

The Site will feature not just cool stats about Jason Derulo’s fan base. The cool part is that it will put a spotlight on the best Jason Derulo fans.  This means fans who are passionate about Jason Derulo, and fans who are doing really cool stuff besides just being fans of Jason Derulo.

If you’re a true fan of Jason’s, and you want to get to know your fellow fans, and be inspired; it’s the place to go.

For more inspiration, check out this REMIX of Jason Derulo’s Ridin’ Solo and Bittersweet Symphony.  It’s pretty sweet Jason Derulo stuff.

Jason Derulo Pic - Leather Jacket

Jason Derulo is da best.


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